Split A/C Service

Split Airconditioning Repair Service

Split type air conditioning system is the most convenient and efficient system you can have. Most of the houses has one these days. Wall type split systems can cool or heat one room only if it is not multi system. You can control the temperature of the room independently in wall type split systems. You don't need to cool or heat the whole house. This convenience will definitely have you save on utility bills. To ensure the long term efficiency these units needs proper maintenance. If properly maintained they last up to 15 years. The energy input values in terms electric consumption kilowatts and cooling and heating values in terms of cooling and heating kilowatts are written on equipment tags. When ever we service your system we calculate your units current heating and cooling capacity values and divide it by electric consumption values and come up with efficiency value ranging from 3 to 5. We make sure that this value matches your units catalogue values. If it is not we take necessary measures. We are the only company that does this.

The other companies just shows you if the unit cools or not they don't tell you the efficiency rate at that point, they don't tell you the coefficient of performance values .
But we tell you that. We collect all relevant data put values in formula and tell you the coefficient of performance value. Normal value should not be less than 3.
The split systems can cool at COP value of 2. You will not feel much difference until you see your electric bill.

We do not run the unit and leave we run the unit efficiently and we show you that.

To see our difference just call us. We have out techs to write coefficient of performance value in service report.

We are the only company in Melbourne that has the knowledge and expertise to that.

We always raise the bar, we always raise the standards.

Split A/C Service

Split A/C Service Split A/C Service